May 24, 2012

Rough Stuff!

Hey y'all hope your week is going well! It's down to the wire right now, FINALS ARE HERE! Next week is my last week in the spring quarter, and I'm so so so ready to be done! Here's some stuff I'm working on:

Mime Country

 Recolored Clown world on fire! :O
Rough logo design for the CLOWNS!
And some random sketches.

With next week being the end of class, that means it's only a few weeks until Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina! Woot! I'm pumped and can't wait for that show!

It also means I've gotta start packing since I'll be moving back out to Portland after Heroes, and I'm excited for that as well!

Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend y'all!

Also I'm not usually a fan of mashup, but this has been my jam recently!

 Black Keys vs. Big Boi!

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