April 26, 2012

Sketch and Paint!

I've been playing around more and more with digitally painting since I've been taking a concept class recently. It's fun to try something I'm not too comfortable with and see what happens! Kinda just felt like drawing robots and mechs! :D Here's some of the sketching from my tests:

I've also been playing with some custom watercolor brushes in Photoshop and seeing what I can come up with. There's some fun stuff and I'm still getting used to it. Heres a WIP with those brushes:

Kinda creepy I know. 

Two artists I found through sifting online recently that blew me away are Guillaume Singelin and Mikkel Sommer! They are both amazing cartoonists!

If you aren't familiar with Guillaume Singelin you should be! He's a badass! Here's a link to his blog. And Mikkel Sommer has this awesome post on his blog along with everything else he does!

And a little video he did! It's short but so good! http://vimeo.com/2259322

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