March 29, 2012

Seattle Bound!

As this posts, I should be riding up in a car with my buddy George Rohac en route to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con! Whutwhut! I cannot wait for this show!

My roommate, Andrea Sanders, helped me make this amazing display for my booth! Don't be scared. You just have to be brave and reach in its mouth for a free comic!

Also I'll have my Ric Flair prints and copies of The Return of King Doug. Again, I'm located at booth 222 with Periscope studio. And I'm in the Monsters and Dames book this year, and the piece itself is up for auction with the rest who donated their pieces. Donate if you can because all proceeds from the auction go to a good cause! 

Swing on by and get a free comic, and maybe even some other cool stuff! :D Hope to see some of you folk in person this weekend!

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