March 15, 2012


I've recently finished up my short for Atomic Robo that will run later this year I think in an issue, so be on the lookout! I was super honored that Brian and Scott asked me to do a piece for them! Here's a non spoiler panel from it!

It's been fun lately to look back at old pages I did when I was 18 and realized how incredibly bad I was! Jeez, they are horrible but I keep them because it's nice to see where I've come since then. It's not only humbling but reassuring that I'm always getting closer to what I want to be!

Even from a couple years ago, I've been able to progress more than I thought I would! Here's a page from the Return of King Doug and then one from this year!

I bring this up because I can't wait to see what's gonna come next! I can't wait to keep moving forward and progress further and closer to where I want to be.

I was glancing around at one of my favorites Takeshi Obata. He's made a pretty huge progression as well within his body of work. I liked Death Note and have been enjoying Bakuman, but I also am fond of his other work in Cybory Grandpa G. It's kinda nuts to see the progress he's made not only technically, but also in the way he approaches page layouts and how he puts more energy into his characters. It's also nice to see that he doesn't corner himself into one type of story, and can do a bunch of different types of stories, be it serious or comedic. 

Here's a page from each of the mentioned works of his in order of when they came out. 

Cyborg Grandpa G (1989)

Death Note (2003)

Bakuman (2011)

I feel like everyone is growing and improving and I can't wait to see what the future holds for comics. I know I'm gonna bring my A-Game! and I hope y'all do too! 

Have a great weekend!

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