February 20, 2012

Super secret stuff!

Here's a WIP page I'm inking in Manga Studio right now!

Also I guess it's cool to talk about it now, but I'm finishing up a short for Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener's series Atomic Robo! I got a chance to meet them at Heroes Con last year, and they were both super great people! I feel honored that they're letting me draw a story for them! I dunno when it comes out, but more details soon! If you dunno what Atomic Robo is, you should go check it out! Like right now!

Here's a sneak peak panel of that! 

And here's a secret panel from something else I'm working on for the summer! 

Gah! So much I want to tell, but must hold back from excitement! :D Hope y'all had a great weekend! 

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