February 13, 2012

Keep on keeping on!

Here's some sneak peek panel roughs of stuff I'm working on! No spoilers!

Hey y'all also here's an animated head drawings!

Also, I wanted to talk about something I got to go to last Thursday at Floating World Comics. They are an amazing shop in Portland, and one of the few shops I've been to in person that does it right! Anyways, they put on a demo and talk by Frank Santoro. I was familiar with some of his work and enjoyed his lessons I had seen online over at the TCJ blog, but hearing him in person was another thing.

It's always nice to hear someone who is deeply interested and involved in the comics medium. The hour or so talk he gave was amazing! He explained layouts and how they corresponded to sacred geometry, which I had heard of before but not really known about. He gave a handout, which is now on my wall, that broke down one of Herge's Tintin pages and how it lined up with certain graphically designed elements that enhanced the story. This made me feel better about comics with all the other crazy stuff going on elsewhere in the industry! Argh! If you get a chance to see a Frank Santoro talk in your town, then GO! It's a definite pick me up and will get you pumped about comics as a medium!

I also heard about Ryan Cecil Smith and his Supplementary File comics! He utilized the Sacred geometry and applied it to his work! Go check it out, he's great!

Also other news is I'm all registered, confirmed and ready to set course full steam for Fluke in Athens, Georgia on April 21st, and Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina from June 22-24! If y'all are in any of those areas come on out!

Also I'll be at Free Comic Book Day 2012 at Criminal Records in Atlanta again this year on May 5th, 2012. So if you aren't going to TCAF, and live down south, come swing on by and get some free comics, and I'll have free stuff to hand out too! :D

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and hope y'all have a great Valentine's Day tomorrow!

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