February 27, 2012

The Dream is almost over

So this is my last week at Periscope Studio interning! I can't believe it's gone by so quickly! :O Speaking of studio spaces and work environments, a friend linked me to these two sites that show artists' spaces and studios. I dunno about you, but I always find it super fun to see where and within what kind of area people, not just cartoonists, get their work done.

Where They Draw!

Here's a layout I'm currently working on for the summer!
And a rough sketch from my sketchbook for another environment. Trying to stay looser with my work! 

And I've been having a lot of fun lately with inks for one project. I can't decide which of these has been my favorites to draw over the last week! You tell me! :D

Also a Few things to watch for!

1. John Carter! I'm a super fan of anything about Mars, and cannot wait for this movie to come out! I seriously hope it's good!

2. Hunger Games! I read this book trilogy over the summer and loved it! Again I hope this movie is good and they continue to make the other books into movies as well if this first one is received well.

3. Also three books that I/you/everyone should own this month are Natalie Nourigat's Between Gears, Emi Lenox's Emitown Volume 2, and Brandon Graham's King City Trade! All are great books coming from great people! Go support!

Have a great week y'all!

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Anonymous said...

I like looking at work spaces too, I've ad my eye on these coffee table books for a while: