February 6, 2012

Ready to Ink this!

So, as I'm finishing my internship here at Periscope Studio in the next month, I wanted to get something tangible done! I've been working on Volume 1 of ********, and I got all the pencils approved this past friday, SO IT'S TIME TO INK! Here's an pencil rough!

It's not giving much away by showing this.

This weekend was crazy! My roommates bought a house! Woot! And we've been moving! After my internship is over I've got to return to Atlanta to finish my spring quarter, but it's looking more and more like after June, I'll be heading back out here to Portland, and making this my new home! I'm pumped but also a little weary since I've never lived more than a few hours from home, but change is always a good thing right? :D

Here's a new Face GIF too!

Also, I've been super into Tonci Zonjic's stuff!  I picked up the first issue of his Lobster Johnson book this past week, put out by Dark Horse and was blown away by work. I also picked up his book with Nathan Edmondson from Image Comics called, Who is Jake Ellis? If you haven't read that book, go do that! The story and art blend together in an amazing way! Arrgh, so good! Time to get back to drawing and kick up my game!

Have a great week y'all!

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