January 12, 2012

Working Digitally and Researching!

I've been using Manga Studio for the last year, but usually just for the layout and pencil stage, but recently I tried using it to do some illustration work. Here's the black and white of what I was able to do. It's a little looser and sketchier than what I would normally do with traditional tools, but I still enjoy the end product. Hope you like them as well!

I ended up color these for my friend Jackie who writes for the Art 21 blog. I'll repost about it with a link to the actual article when it goes up. It's about this man named David Maclean, a writer, who woke up in India with memory loss. You can listen to his account on This American Life. Pretty scary!
Also here's a link to her work! She's an painter, and awesome!

Also things have been going great at my internship so far at Periscope Studio. I can't describe the feeling of working in a real comic studio. I feel like I'm getting more work done than usual. Also because if I wasn't they'd probably call me out!

Maybe not quite like this, but you get the picture!
(Me getting me up by Erika Moen)

Also, I've been doing a lot of research for the book I am working on currently. There is a cockpit and when doing an image search these are what I stumbled upon! Some of these are kinda amazing, and I just wanted to share what I found.

Hope y'all have a great long weekend since Monday is MLK Day!

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