January 23, 2012

Stayin' Minimal

So this week with my face sketches I wanted to stay a little more minimal with the detail. I was trying to just squint and draw these faces with shapes rather than line, but I know I still do some line work! :D Oh well, hope you enjoy!

Also, if you are on the west coast at all in the next month, you should go and find out when Adam WarRock is coming to your town! If you don't know who he is go here! He's a Southern Korean just like me, and he's gonna be here in Portland in February, so get some tickets! 

And here's a rough from a page I'm working on!

I've been doing everything in Manga Studio lately. Well except for me inking. I still like to do that traditionally with brush and ink. If you haven't tried the program or are skeptical, don't be. It's great for the perspective tool alone! That has saved me so much time it's not even funny! 

Anyways Have a great week y'all!

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