January 16, 2012

The Past and the Future!

So this past year has been pretty great. I feel rejuvenated now more than ever! Here's a few things I accomplished:

Going back to school to finish my degree. 
-- I can't explain how much I thrive in the school environment, and enjoy the people I am surrounded by. Professors and peers really push me! Hope to finish this next year, and be able to someday teach in the near future as well. That's the plan at least!

Got a series of books I'm going to be writing and drawing approved! YAY! 
-- I'm so pumped about this. It's a story I've wanted to do since I finished The Return of King Doug, and can't wait for y'all to see it and hold it in your hands! I'm inking Volume 1 now, and thumb nailing Volume 2. Get ready for it to kick off 2013!

Got to go to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle! 
-- I was super fortunate to be able to get across country this past March and attend the show for the first time! It was just like I had heard. GREAT! I got to meet and make a lot of new friends, and catch up with some old ones I don't get to see regularly at east coast shows. I didn't know a whole lot of people since it was a west coast show, but I forced myself to talk to people and everyone was super nice and open. I guess half the time it's nice to know how endearing the comics community really is! And this year, I'm not only tabling, but got the honor of being in their annual Monsters and Dames art book.

Live on the West Coast
-- I'm currently interning at Periscope Studio in Portland, and have been here since Thanksgiving. It was a bit of a change but I can't complain in the slightest. Everyone is extremely nice and helpful. This is the first time I've been out of the South for more than a week, and I gotta say it's such a refreshing change. I love my home back in Georgia, but the Northwest is welcoming. It's nice to leave the nest, if y'all know what I mean.

Alright well 2011 was a great year, but I am even more excited for the next 2 years to come. 2012 holds a lot, and what I will be probably working on the whole year will hopefully start coming to fruition beginning in the summer and blasting through into 2013!

Goals for 2012:

Finish 2 volumes of ********, before it's released. 
Start a webcomic by the summer, and stick to a normal update schedule.
Make a new website, and update regularly. (heh, I WILL!)
Experiment more with screen printing. 
Make a good thesis that will be applicable to other cartoonists. 
Finish school and get my degree.

These are some pretty lofty goals, but I think it'll be a good year ahead! Hope everyone has set goals for themselves as well! Let's all do well over the next 12 months! :D

Some pencils and sketches:

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