November 10, 2011

Monsters and Facial Exercises!

First off here's a color monster drawing! RAAAWR!

I wanted a way to warm up before penciling and inking, so I started doing this exercise recently to get all the nervousness out of my hands before hitting a page. I've found recently too, that I enjoy only drawing in pens and markers in my sketchbook. Sure, I'll make mistakes and I'll have bad drawings, but no every drawing is going to be pretty, right?

I just wanted to use my sketchbook to have fun drawing. Plus it helps me come up with background characters for other possible stories!

I start by filling a page loosely with random shapes for heads. I wanted to stick away from traditional shaped heads, so that I could force myself to come up with something interesting and make a more exaggerated character from just a quick, loose shape. This is what I start with:

After I've laid these quick shapes down then I just have fun and let my hand do the creating. It's not really something I think about too much. It's just a way to step away from work and have fun drawing! These are some of what happens after I draw over the shape!

Hope you enjoyed them, and try the same in your sketchbooks too! Have a great weekend!


Johnpaul said...

What are these images.i dint get itfacial exercises

Face Fitness Formula Review said...

Those are some cool drawings man! You got some talent here! Keep up the good work!

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Unknown said...

This is great inspiration, getting back into the swing of arting, What pens/markers are you using for your sketchbok, I have been using bic pen.