November 17, 2011

End of Quarter! Portland Oregon Bound!

So, my Fall quarter of my schooling has finished and I'm all packed up for the winter. I leave this Sunday to head to Portland, Oregon for an internship at the one and only Periscope Studio! I can't wait to take as much out of the experience at the studio and learn from all their members. Also I'm looking forward to getting out of the South for an extended period of time, and get the most out of the hub for cartoonists which is Portland! I dunno how to feel about the weather, we'll see, but I'm sure I'll get used to it!

I enjoy school, but I'm excited about the amount of work I'll be able to get done on some of my pro work while I'm doing my independent studies on the west coast! Speaking of which, here's some non-spoiler panels from Megagogo that will hopefully get you pumped about what's to come in the future!

I don't want to give too much away and I don't think I am by showing you these panels. They aren't toned or lettered yet, but just a peek at what's to come!

Also here's an exercise using 1, 2, and 3 pt perspective! 

1st panel: Daredevil in 1 point
2nd panel: White Queen getting white girl wasted on wine with 2 point
3rd panel: Hulk busting into a lab in 3 point

And here's a longer pose I did for life drawing! Not my strength, but I am trying to get better!

Have a great weekend! And my next post will be coming from me on the west coast!

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