October 10, 2011

Environments Studies! and the BEST COMIC EVER!

Here's a bunch of sketchbooks stuff trying to work on some backgrounds and environments, but mostly just studying the back and white shapes and how they interact. All done with some pitt or mircon pens. I dunno, I just feel like if you draw in pen, you gotta be serious with the lines you throw down! And at least if you mess up, you'll learn from the mistakes. Here ya go!

Also here's a 1 page exercise comic from class that we had to do 
with only lettering and SFX. It's supposed to focus on the text and dialogue, 
and try volume change. And it's the best comic I've ever done! (maybe)


Also, on a closing note, I will not be at NYCC this weekend. But you should totally swing by the Oni Press Booth and go visit some of my most badass cartoonist friends there! Like Chris Schweizer! (Nicest guy in comics) Or Jarrett Williams! (The baddest dood on the comics block! and also a super nice guy!) Representin' the South! Woot! And yeah, have a great week!

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