October 20, 2011

The Clown Dimension!

Here's some color studies of environments for my Clown world or dimension, whatever you fancy. Also some clown characters from that world and a few props! Hope you enjoy!

This is Clown mountain or Clown Zero. It's the original clown. It's been there since the beginning of clown time. It's so old and kept growing that now it sleeps and has become a part of the landscape.

 This is the Land of Smoke and Mirrors where the "magic" kind live. The magicians are the evil doers in this world. Do not mess with the MAGIC! You be sorry!

Color Study of the Candy Caverns. Don't get lost in them!

Here are some of the characters:

Sweet Potato! She's half clown/half magician. She 
accidentally killed her dad by making him laugh to death.

This majestic beast is known as Cheesecake! He's a former
world heavyweight champion of the world in boxing. Whatever
you do, do NOT make fun of his shoes! You'll be sorry!

Who else could be an enemy to a clown but a mime. This is the
deadliest known to date, MIME PRIME! You won't hear him coming
because he's that good! He could be right behind you and you wouldn't know it!
 Here are some props for that world!

Cheesecake's Super Death Gloves!

Booty Bombs! When people where cut in half during the evil magic tricks some 
of the bottom halves escaped and survived in the wild. The mimes have caught them, 
and rigged them with explosives! Pull the underwear tag and they start running! 
When you smell a stench, you better run your butt off! (forgive the pun)

Anyways, Have a great weekend everybody!


Travers Cooke said...

That mime looks awesome, yo!

G.P.Bonesteel said...

This stuff is fantastic. Super jealous of your talent. I am really enjoying looking through all the things that you have posted on your site.