October 31, 2011

Adventure Time! Trapjaw! Devilman!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Here's some illustrations we were working on for my Inking Techniques class. We were only to use line, without spotting black and rely onto on line weight. One we could only use pens/markers, another only nib/croquill, and the final only brush, and no rendering on any of them! I never really thought I relied so much on black placement until we had to do this, and realizing how much of a struggle it was to not take a fat brush and lay down some ink. AUGH! but regardless, I try, and I'm in school to learn, so learn I shall! Hope you enjoy!

Jake and Finn hanging out in the treehouse. (brush)
 Trapjaw from He-man and the Masters of the Universe (nib)

And finally Devilman (markers)

Hope y'all enjoyed them. I have the urge to go on top of these with a fat marker and brush, and prolly will! Next week I'll post up 3 other illustrations in which we had to use the same tools, but we could spot blacks and render with the tools. I feel a little more comfortable about those, so please look forward to them! Have a great week!

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