October 31, 2011

Adventure Time! Trapjaw! Devilman!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!

Here's some illustrations we were working on for my Inking Techniques class. We were only to use line, without spotting black and rely onto on line weight. One we could only use pens/markers, another only nib/croquill, and the final only brush, and no rendering on any of them! I never really thought I relied so much on black placement until we had to do this, and realizing how much of a struggle it was to not take a fat brush and lay down some ink. AUGH! but regardless, I try, and I'm in school to learn, so learn I shall! Hope you enjoy!

Jake and Finn hanging out in the treehouse. (brush)
 Trapjaw from He-man and the Masters of the Universe (nib)

And finally Devilman (markers)

Hope y'all enjoyed them. I have the urge to go on top of these with a fat marker and brush, and prolly will! Next week I'll post up 3 other illustrations in which we had to use the same tools, but we could spot blacks and render with the tools. I feel a little more comfortable about those, so please look forward to them! Have a great week!

October 27, 2011

Sketchbook and Background fun!

Here's a piece from class. I took three backgrounds from thumbnail studies and finished them up and added figures into them. We had to incorporate an old person, an old timey weightlifter, and a young person.

Also here is some scans from my sketchbook! Some are just drawings of other students and some are thumbnails for Halloween illustrations, which if time allowed, I will post finished versions before Halloween!

Hope y'all dig! Have a great Halloween weekend, and be safe!

October 24, 2011

Sketchbookin' and Avatar! (the good one, not the blue one)

Here's some sketches from my drawing class. We've been looking at stills from black and white movies and sketching quickly the compositions of the shots. Also here's an Avatar: The Last Airbender pinup for the Women of Wonder Day 2011. You can go check it out, or buy it (wink wink) at the Portland, Oregon event. It's for a good cause so go donate!

Here's the Avatar piece! It's all about the ladies, and all the baddest of women from the Last Airbender be in it! (Sketch first, then final!)


Also next week everybody should go to their local comic shop and go buy Super Pro K.O. Volume 2 from Oni Press, by my good bud, Jarrett Williams! Go get it! Go get you some wrastlin' goodness!

And also in December also from Oni Press, go get Rascal Raccoon's Raging Revenge by Brendan Hay, and my oldest and best friend, Justin Wagner! This book is insanely fun, so just buy it!

PS. Have a great week!

October 20, 2011

The Clown Dimension!

Here's some color studies of environments for my Clown world or dimension, whatever you fancy. Also some clown characters from that world and a few props! Hope you enjoy!

This is Clown mountain or Clown Zero. It's the original clown. It's been there since the beginning of clown time. It's so old and kept growing that now it sleeps and has become a part of the landscape.

 This is the Land of Smoke and Mirrors where the "magic" kind live. The magicians are the evil doers in this world. Do not mess with the MAGIC! You be sorry!

Color Study of the Candy Caverns. Don't get lost in them!

Here are some of the characters:

Sweet Potato! She's half clown/half magician. She 
accidentally killed her dad by making him laugh to death.

This majestic beast is known as Cheesecake! He's a former
world heavyweight champion of the world in boxing. Whatever
you do, do NOT make fun of his shoes! You'll be sorry!

Who else could be an enemy to a clown but a mime. This is the
deadliest known to date, MIME PRIME! You won't hear him coming
because he's that good! He could be right behind you and you wouldn't know it!
 Here are some props for that world!

Cheesecake's Super Death Gloves!

Booty Bombs! When people where cut in half during the evil magic tricks some 
of the bottom halves escaped and survived in the wild. The mimes have caught them, 
and rigged them with explosives! Pull the underwear tag and they start running! 
When you smell a stench, you better run your butt off! (forgive the pun)

Anyways, Have a great weekend everybody!

October 17, 2011

Clown comic! WHATWHAT!

New short story. I'm gonna try and do little short clown stories every now and again and post them up here on the blog! I don't know why but clowns are really fun to draw. Maybe it's that I imagine they all have afros or probably because they exist in their own little world.

So here's a short story(without lettering right now, sorry) about a hunter and his son tracking wild balloon animals! Beware the balloons!

October 13, 2011

Life Drawing and Emotion Sheets!

So in class the other day we were doing quick 10sec to 1min gestures in life drawing. Here are some of the quick sketches. Also I'm working on a new book, which I can't really talk about publicly yet, but hopefully I will soon! Here's some character heads with different emotions! Hope you enjoy!

Let's get EMOTIONAL! (not really tho)

Have a great weekend everybody!

October 10, 2011

Environments Studies! and the BEST COMIC EVER!

Here's a bunch of sketchbooks stuff trying to work on some backgrounds and environments, but mostly just studying the back and white shapes and how they interact. All done with some pitt or mircon pens. I dunno, I just feel like if you draw in pen, you gotta be serious with the lines you throw down! And at least if you mess up, you'll learn from the mistakes. Here ya go!

Also here's a 1 page exercise comic from class that we had to do 
with only lettering and SFX. It's supposed to focus on the text and dialogue, 
and try volume change. And it's the best comic I've ever done! (maybe)


Also, on a closing note, I will not be at NYCC this weekend. But you should totally swing by the Oni Press Booth and go visit some of my most badass cartoonist friends there! Like Chris Schweizer! (Nicest guy in comics) Or Jarrett Williams! (The baddest dood on the comics block! and also a super nice guy!) Representin' the South! Woot! And yeah, have a great week!

October 8, 2011

Sketchbook and Summer!

Here's a some sketchbook stuff, and some photos from Dragon Con 2011. If you're not familiar with DragonCon it's a fantasy/scifi/comic convention that takes place every year in Atlanta. It's one of the better shows for seeing fun costumes!

Yeah, I dunno really about what's going on in these. Just kinda doodlin'!
And here's the some photos of some crazy costumes at DC2011!

Boba Fett required that I fist bump him. I refused.

The best thing I saw at the show.

Yeah, i dunno.

Finn got a little old.

Santa? or My dad? He promised he wasn't going.

Hexadecimal from REBOOT!


I'm Duff, and I'm the stuff!

Cowabunga! (even tho the cool turtles didn't wanna be in the photo)

Me and my favorite Minnesotan, Prince.

Oh and here's an ummm...interesting video of what I saw while sitting on the steps outside the show.

And with that I leave, back to homework! Hope y'all have a great weekend!