May 31, 2011


Hey Everybody! Y'all should come out to Heroes Con this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina! There are gonna be a bunch of awesome cartoonists! It's prolly my favorite con! Anyways come by the table! I'll be at AA-422 in Indie Island, sandwiched between some badasses. Those being my buds Drew Weing, Joey Weiser, Patrick Dean and Rich Tommaso! Also here's the finished colored RIC FLAIR print ill be selling for $5 at the show!

click to see bigger!

Aight! See Y'all hopefully this weekend!

May 30, 2011

Chris Schweizer Sketchbook Release!

Hey Y'all! My buddy, Chris Schweizer, just released his enormous sketchbook! He had an event for the book release up at school and it was a great turn out! I picked up a copy of the book which is a whopping 180 pp or so!

Also he drew a picture for me in the front of it! I asked him to draw me on a lily pad farting in a frog's face. Weird request, I know, but hey I wanna give him a challenge!

I don't want to spoil any more images from it! Go pick one up for yourself! If you are going to be at Heroes Con this upcoming weekend in Charlotte, NC, swing by his booth and pick one up!


So I wanted to do a new print for Heroes Con! And since it's in Charlotte, NC which just happens to be the stomping ground of the "Nature Boy" I thought I'd do this lil drawing! This is the B&W. Ill post up the color version in a day or two!

A FREE Comics for Cons!

So this is a folding free comic I'll be handing out at Heroes Con this year! Nothing too fancy, but still fun!

BookMark for future?

So here's a simple design for a bookmark I'll print out and make for cons!

May 4, 2011



If you want some free sketches from me, you can come by and get some of dat. I'll be at Criminal Records from 11 to 1, and then Oxford Comics from 1 to 4. Most likely I'll be back over at the record store to go and see the Adam Warrock show at 6pm, so COME ON OUT TO ALL THEEEZ EVENTS!

Also, here's a first for an on going thing imma start doin' each week! These are gonna just be 4x6 inked drawings ill color of VILLAINS OF MY YOUTH! So first is Johnny from the Karate Kid!

May 2, 2011

Yay Friends!

Fluke 2011 was awesome! I think this was the best year by far. Go check out the writeup from a bunch of peeps over at ROBOT6! Robert and Patrick did a kickass job and made the whole event super sweet! If you are a cartoonist in the South, y'all should be going to this show!

Twas a weekend of seeing friendly faces and good times. I always enjoy it because I get my giggles out every year. Speakin of friends check out how weird these are in comparison. One picture is from FLUKE 2011, and the other is from SDCC 2007. I've known Chris Schweizer (Crogan Adventures) for almost five years now. It feels weird, but he's an amazing cartoonist, and if you don't know who he is, you should feel like a dumbass. So yeah, check him out y'all.

 From FLUKE 2011 in Athens, Ga. Photo from Dustin Harbin.
From SDCC 2007. Jeez I guess we look different? Haha, yeah but while it looks like there's distaste on my face, I only have respect for Chris!

And here's some more sketches, with a 1 minute pen comic of Chris. CH'YEAH! (click to make it get bigger!)

Sketch Dump!

Yo here some sketches!

Also, as much as i like posting sketches, actual comics be posted up soon! SO WASSUP!