April 17, 2011


So I made a new sketchbook the other day, and got a little carried away with drawing/doodlin' on the cover. Here's what I came up with:

 Also, here's some sketches! Just some character poses and what not to loosen up before I get ready to tackle the real thing on some pages! Enjoy!


So here's a 90 minute sketch I did of Man Thing! I'm tryin' to get looser with inking and workin it out just in little sketches right now. I dunno, not too shabby for 90 minutes. More of these to come soon!

April 8, 2011


Ever wonder what it would look like if Osamu Tezuka's BlackJack character was a little more US patriotic? No? Well tough titty, because here's what it would look like!

For realz tho, this is kinda pertaining to something else somewhat related. The other day CBR posted an article about Black Panther becoming "American Panther". Is "American" a color? Uh HELLZ YEAH IT IS! AND THESE COLORS DO NOT RUN! (because they are digitally done.)

Here's the link to some other SCAD-ATL people doin' them also:


Here's the American Panther from the article:

New BLOG! New Comic!

Here's a newer comic about a clown kid on hard times. Hope you enjoy!

Also FLUKE Mini Comics and Zine Festival is comin' up in two weeks in Athens, Ga! Everyone in the southern states should try and make it to that show! It's small but a lot of fun. And just as a heads up as well, I know I've posted on a blog, and then promised to stay up to date and then don't, but now I have no choice. This is also coinciding with a class I have at school, so if I don't I fail. All around it's good for everybody!